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Alcohol may be more risky to the heart than previously thought

This leads to a lack of blood flowing in your organs and heart failure. It really depends on many factors like your genes, age, lifestyle, living environment, and severeness of the condition. Few types of research have shown around 27% of the patients with alcoholic cardiomyopathy have died after 4-5 years of diagnosis. You can live with alcoholic cardiomyopathy if you stop drinking alcohol and start a holistic approach to medication.

Alcohol-induced cardiomyopathy is a condition where consuming too much alcohol damages your heart. This damage happens because https://ecosoberhouse.com/ parts of your heart stretch and enlarge. That weakens your heart muscle, keeping it from pumping as well as it should.

Types of Cardiomyopathy

However, for severe cases, symptoms may not begin to alleviate until 12 or more months after the beginning of treatment. Some of the above tests may also use materials injected into your bloodstream that are highly visible on certain types of imaging scans. Those materials, such as contrasts or tracers, are helpful because they can reveal blood flow blockages that would be very hard to see otherwise. It occurs when too much uric acid accumulates in the body’s joints.

alcoholic cardiomyopathy is especially dangerous because

If a person is in end-stage heart failure and other treatments aren’t work, doctors may recommend a heart transplant. It can become severe and lead to irregular heartbeat and congestive heart failure. People with alcoholic cardiomyopathy and possibly those with other types of cardiomyopathy alcoholic cardiomyopathy is especially dangerous because should abstain from alcohol. Some doctors will advise people with any form of heart failure not to drink alcohol. There is little evidence about the effects of alcohol on congestive heart failure, which makes it more challenging for health professionals to advise people with the condition.

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy

Many people benefit most from entering an addiction treatment facility that offers medically supervised detox followed by personalized, evidence-based rehabilitation. The doctor will ask about your medical history and your history of alcohol consumption. It is important that you tell the truth about how much alcohol you drink each day and how long you’ve been drinking heavily. This will help the doctor to arrive at a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan. A 2018 review recommended that a moderate amount of alcohol to consume daily is about 15 grams (g) for women and 30 g for men. The review suggested that antioxidant polyphenols in red wine may benefit heart function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Heavy drinking and being male are the main risk factors for alcohol-induced cardiomyopathy.
  • It can affect other parts of the body if the heart failure is severe.
  • For many people, abstaining from alcohol can lead to a full recovery, especially when your case is less severe.
  • A 2018 review recommended that a moderate amount of alcohol to consume daily is about 15 grams (g) for women and 30 g for men.
  • These clinical conditions may be worsened by drinking alcohol and take medications like aspirin that can also cause the same problems.

If you have diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, you should keep it under control. If you aren’t aware of a genetic predisposition, you can avoid alcoholic cardiomyopathy by moderating your use of alcohol. If you believe your alcohol use has become problematic, you should seek treatment at the earliest opportunity to reduce damage to your organs. Naturally, the medication a person is prescribed depends on their symptoms. ACE inhibitors may be prescribed to relax the blood vessels and lower blood pressure while anticoagulants are used to dissolve any existing blood clots or prevent the formation of clots. While lab tests won’t specifically show up alcoholic cardiomyopathy, they can help to reveal damage to the heart and other organs.

What tests will be done to diagnose this condition?

Contact one of our understanding team members today to learn how alcohol rehab can benefit you or a loved one. If you suspect you may have alcoholic cardiomyopathy, make an appointment with a physician immediately. The pulse and blood pressure will be checked, as well as the lungs and heart. More research still needs to be done to determine the specific causes responsible for the relationship between alcohol and irregular heartbeat. Researchers believe they may include direct toxicity and alcohol’s contribution to obesity, sleep disordered breathing and hypertension. More research also needs to be done to determine whether avoiding alcohol completely is required for patients who have irregular heartbeats.

alcoholic cardiomyopathy is especially dangerous because

There is some evidence out there that shows that low amounts of alcohol consumption can lead to some positive heart outcomes, but it is stressed that this cardiology research is not definite. The thing is, any positive benefits of drinking alcohol can be achieved in other ways. We’re talking about a healthy diet, exercise, and the management of your stress. When symptoms do occur, they are similar to those of congestive heart failure.

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